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Excitement Year Round in the natural beauty of the Missouri Osage River Basin



We had a great time.  Looking forward to coming back down and taking another trip out  --  EE


Thanks All Who Came Snaggin in 2014

Thank you all, and especially those who came late in the season, despite my report that the season was shaping up to be the worst on record.  

Early season was the best, some decent fish, but ultimately 2014 became the worst snagging season ever reported.  That was for everybody, not just me.  

We still had a lot of fun days on the water, and with good numbers of "just short" fish boated, 2015 will likely be the best year ever for snaggin' a keeper fish.  Plus the low harvest on big fish, left a lot of good fish in the lake for next year.

One of the better snaggin' days in 2014..


2014 Spoons

Call 417-299-5714 or email and lets get hooked up for adventure on the water like nothing else on earth.

Book early to assure a date or dates in 2015 that fits your schedule.

I can't thank newcomers and loyal patrons enough for supporting my efforts late into the season, despite honest reports of an extraordinarily tough year.  We lacked for spoonbills, but we didn't lack for fun!  And the catfishin' was decent.

For size..


And for numbers of eatin' size fish..


Thank you again, still plenty of catfishing days left in 2014.

Good Friends Down the Lake

The Old Oar House Inn



Don't get me started!


Affordable One Person Fishing Outings

I recently acquired a smaller boat, for one to one guide trips.  

Personalized service with the same opportunities for catching fish and having fun on the lake as on the big boat, but using a lot less gas.

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Equipment Update

Investing in the latest equipment assures clients the best experience on The Lake.  My regular clients already know what to expect.  Return clients carried me through the tough snagging' season in 2014.

Here is a quick review of what to expect, for those who are not familiar with my services.

Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmerman

Besides knowing how to cook, Andrew knows more than a little about fishing.

It Takes Work to Land a Monster

"When you’re going after the biggest fish in the lake, you don’t go to battle with a switch and a prayer."

Brent Frazee, outdoor writer for the Kansas City Star